Volunteer Opportunities

Grocery Rescuer (We rescue food 7 days a week)

  • Pickup donated food

Friday's Opportunities

  • Unloading weekly donations
  • Stocking Freezers, coolers or shelves
  • Rotating product
  • Sorting, weighing and re-bagging/packaging bulk item

Saturday's Opportunities

  • Sign-in, Greeting and Hospitality
  • Stocking and Packing
  • Assisting clients with loading food
  • Setup and clean-up

What can I do?

We have many opportunities for everyone to serve.  We have a wide range of non-physical to very strenuous duties that offer a very high level of satisfaction.  We value our volunteers and are very proud to serve next to these awesome individuals, who give of themselves to serve others, on their day off.  When most people are off playing at the lake or working on the to-do list, these hard working volunteers are giving back to their community, each one making a difference in someone's life.  Come and join the team, and be a part of the family, make someone smile, serve and be blessed.  What are you waiting for?  Go for it!

Make it fun!

Come and volunteer, make some new friends!  Or bring some current ones along and make it a work party.  Want to amp up your small group? Meet for coffee or breakfast in the morning, serve in the pantry, then meet for lunch afterwards. Share stories and pat each other on the back!  Don't be surprised if there is a volunteer appreciation event.  They pop up randomly throughout the year.

Current Grocery Rescue Opportunities

We sill have a need for volunteers for weekly grocery rescue pickups on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  Grocery rescue takes about an hour on average to pickup per store; we will provide you with all the training.  You must have at least a very clean minivan, truck or SUV to be able to participate in the rescue program.  Our partners prefer not to have multiple runs because this impacts their business; This in turn affects the over all cost effectiveness of their participation of Grocery Rescue.