Frequently Asked Questions on Donations

Q: Do you accept non-food items?

A: Yes!  Our clients love the surprise of a household useful item, such as paper towels, toilet paper roll to two.  Typically items that are food or non-food consumables are great.  Check with us though on non-food items to see if we either have the space to store it before we distribute it or if it's an appropriate item for the pantry.

Q: Diapers, wipes and baby food and formula, can I donate them?

A: YES! (notice the big loud shouting letters?)  Diapers and baby wipes are a great item for families with newborns or toddlers.  Baby food and formula, Yes, but.... No expired items.  Thank you though, but for the health and well being of the child we would rather not accept baby foods or formula that have passed the expiration date.

Q: How about pet food?

A: We have a separate area for storing non-human consumable foods, some of our elderly clients have pets and they need to eat too!  If you can divide up larger bags of dog/cat food into smaller bags, that would be awesome.  Otherwise I'm sure we could find a volunteer with a soft spot for our four legged friends to divide it up.  Ask a volunteer before you bring it in, if it's not dog or cat food.