Recorded Information Line

Southside Food Pantry now has a Recorded Information Line for public use. Visit the Contact Us page for more information.

Who is Southside?

We are an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Spokane, Washington, with people doing everything from gathering food, sorting, packing and distributing it to clients.  Our Volunteers have a passion to serve those in our community; families in need. They are people in our communities who come from many different ethnic backgrounds; they include children, elderly and adults. They may be employed with low wages, unemployed, living on social security, social security disability, or on public assistance. They are people who, after paying rent, utilities and medical bills, don't have enough money every month to buy enough nutritious food.  

We are proud to be one of 61,000 pantries and meal programs in the Feeding America network which has delivered over 3 billion meals serving over 49 million people across our country.  Over 800 million pounds of produce has made it's way to our Nation's needy families in 2013.  Thank you Southside for your financial and volunteer support!